82-year-old Runs 3:41 Marathon

Ed Whitlock sets another world record

World record holders Ed Whitlock and Japan's Yoshi Hosaka gave a talk at the Toronto marathon expo called "How to Set World Records Past Age 60." (Photo: Toronto Waterfront Marathon)

Canadian distance runner Ed Whitlock, 82, set a new age record for the marathon when he clocked a 3:41:58 at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Sunday. The previous record for an 82-year-old was 3:48:35, set by Ed Benham in 1989.

Whitlock, who ran a 3:30:28 at Toronto last year and was the first person over 70 to run a sub-three-hour marathon, said he was hoping for a faster time, but a lingering cold likely slowed him down.

"I had a higher degree of uncertainty than usual about what I would run, largely because of the cold issue which came on two weeks before the marathon and was slow recovery," he told Runner's World Newswire. "It's still hanging on now."

Whitlock still managed to run faster than 75 percent of the field.

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Lead Photo: Toronto Waterfront Marathon