Google Earth Busts Marijuana Garden

Oregon police have eyes in space

Police in Oregon caught wind of a man bragging about the size of his stash, so, much like him, they took to the stars. (David Maska/Shutterstock)
Photo: David Maska/Shutterstock

Police in southern Oregon used Google Earth to investigate rumors than an area man was growing more marijuana than his medical license permitted.

Police received a tip that the man, 50, had been bragging about the amount of marijuana in his possession, so they consulted the Godly ken of Google Earth and confirmed the presence of a lush, prelapsarian garden of pot on the suspected property outside Grants Pass.

According to state medical marijuana records, the man had growing rights for five people, limiting him to 30 marijuana plants. A police raid in September seized 94 plants.

The man was arraigned on drug charges last week and released.

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