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Olympic Flame Reaches North Pole

First time in historic location

The last winter Olympic flame in Vancouver, BC. (Noel Reynolds/Flickr)
News Outside Online

The Olympic flame arrived at the North Pole for the first time in history last week. According to organizers of the Sochi Winter Games, the torch was able to reach the historic location with the help of a Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker, the Associated Press reports. 

At the North Pole sign, 11 torchbearers from around the world ignited a special bowl as a part of the ceremony. The Russian icebreaker, which set out from the port town of Murmansk, completed the journey in a record-breaking 91 hours according to AP news.

This Olympic torch relay travels nearly 40,000 miles in everything from a reindeer sleigh to a plane. The flame, safely enclosed inside a lantern, will travel more than any other in Olympic history

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