Watch: Kayak Turns into Submarine

Childhood fantasy: achieved

On Thursday, creator Olivier Feuillette told curious YouTube viewers, "The pressure is equalized so scuba rules are apply, same for depth [sic]." (YouTube)

A new kayak that can transform into a human-powered submarine within seconds gives paddlers a new, stealth means of transport. 

Olivier Feuillette's Subo, the kayak-cum-submarine, includes a sealed hatch, oxygen tank, and a CO2 filter for dives of up to two or three hours. Once you're sealed in, your paddle becomes a distant memory—were you just kayaking?—and a swimmy, swaying rudder extends out the back to give you propulsion and a badass shark-like appearance.

Feuillette took a few years to realize this childhood fantasy—provided you're not claustrophobic. 

Where would you take the Subo kayak?

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