Goggle Tans Become Fashionable


Leanne Smith rocking a goggle tan at the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup in 2009. (Christian Jansky/Wikimedia)
Leanne Smith goggle tan skiing word cup ski fis 2009

You love your goggle tan. Apparently, Kimye does too. According to the Daily Mail, everyone from the Kardashians to your lady friend next door is wearing ski goggles to the tanning booth for that fresh-off-the-slope look.

Whether it's in the blue pods or in a spray-tan shower, customers are wearing ski goggles to leave big, white patches on their eyes. This trend is so popular that some tanning salons buy their own goggles.

"It's quite staggering the number of people coming in for a fake ski tan," a spokesperson for a London beauty salon told the British *newspaper. "I asked one girl why she does it and she said incredibly that it's the latest fashion to have a fake ski tan—to make it look like you've been skiing."

*Insert grains of salt here. 

What's the next ski fashion trend?

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