Man Survives Bear Attack, Allegedly Eats Dog

Jack London, eat your heart out

Man survived bear attack, allegedly ate rescuer dog to ward off starvation (Eduard Kyslynskyy/Shutterstock)
Photo: Eduard Kyslynskyy/Shutterstock

Marco Lavoie was rescued Wednesday after three months alone in the Canadian wilderness, dehydrated and starving, after a bear ate his food and destroyed his survival equipment two days into his expedition. 

The experienced outdoorsman, 44, was stranded 500 miles outside of Montreal, where he had planned a two-month hiking expedition. When a bear approached, he credited his German shepherd with defending him.

Sadly, Lavoie found himself unable to return the favor. Three days later, ravenous, he reportedly ate the dog.

On Wednesday, one month after he was expected home, and 10 days after he was reported missing, police found and rescued him, telling ABC News that they believed he would have been dead within hours.

According to survival-guide author André François Bourbeau, "He survived because he made good decisions. Eating his dog was one of them."

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