Bigfoot Hunt Goes Bad

Man shoots friend in the back

Bigfoot crossing. (Angie Chauvin /
Photo: Angie Chauvin / sign road trees woods bush winding country leaves grass sasquatch bigfoot caution roadsign crosswalk

Oklahoma is not known for Bigfoot sightings, but that didn’t stop 21-year-old Omar Pineda from searching for Sasquatch on Saturday night.

Startled by a "barking noise," Pineda took a pot shot at what he assumed was the monster. Instead, he shot his friend in the back.

According to Fox News, Pineda’s father-in-law and convicted felon, Perry Don James, then threw Pineda's gun in a pond. Pineda was arrested and charged with reckless conduct with a firearm and obstruction; James was booked for possessing a firearm and destruction of evidence.

To further complicate the situation, Pineda’s wife lied to police about the shooting.

As Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton told KFOR-TV: “Any story that starts out that someone is on a hunt for Sasquatch, we probably have problems with you from the get go.”

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