Asian Carp Detected in Lake Michigan

Invasive species's DNA found in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Two juvenile Silver Carp in captivity. Wildlife officials this invasive species has migrated to Lake Michigan. (E rulez/Wikimedia)
Photo: E rulez/Wikimedia silver carp

New evidence suggests that invasive Asian carp may have made their way into Lake Michigan. Biologists announced Tuesday that they collected a water sample containing DNA of Asian carp in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. But there’s disagreement about how it got there. It could be from the mucus, scales, or bodily waste from the fish or droppings from birds that have eaten the fish.

“Our sample is a smoke detector,” Nortre Dame biologist Chris Jerde told The Associated Press. “A couple of more samples is a fire.”

The four types of wil Asian carp are notorious for devouring copious amount of plankton. Their presence in Lake Michigan would upend the natural food chain that supports a $7 billion fishing industry.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will take more sample from the area to determine if the fish has broken through the electric barriers designed to halt it’s northward migration.

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