Watch: Elk Stuck On Trampoline

Oh, deer.

Trampolines: Fun for kids, but not for elk. (Suzanne Tucker /
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Presumably, safety nets are placed around trampolines to keep kids from bouncing out. Turns out those nets are also pretty good at keeping elk in.

Greg Chase and family, of Evergreen, Colorado, learned this first-hand when an elk herd wandered into their yard earlier this week. “We were just sitting down for our morning coffee,” says Chase, who captured the incident and posted it on YouTube. “I watched this young elk poking his head into the entrance of the trampoline, when all of a sudden he decided to jump in for some fun.”

We’re not sure “fun” is the right word—the elk looks more panicked than thrilled to be on the trampoline—but at least it escaped without injury or being shot (as was suggested by Chase’s wife at one point).

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