Antidoping Official Faces Résumé Questions

Did Jamaican doctor go to med school?

Jamaican sprinters Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, Michael Frater and Steve Mullings celebrate winning gold in the 2009 men's 4x100m final during the World Athletics Championships. In 2011, Mullings was found guilty of doping and banned for life. (Matt Dunham / Associated Press)
Photo: Matt Dunham / Associated Press

Jamaica’s drug testing agency has been under fire for allegations that its testing prior to the 2012 Olympics was inadequate. Now, Herbert George Elliott, the man responsible for overseeing the country’s anti-doping efforts, is under scrutiny for his résumé … or lack thereof.

The Wall Street Journal could not verify that Elliott—who has served as a medical official or team doctor in various capacities—received a master’s in chemistry from Columbia University and a medical degree and Ph.D. in biochemistry from Université Libre de Bruxelles.

An official in Columbia’s registrar’s office found no record of Elliot, and the spokeswoman for Université Libre de Bruxelles was unable to find his graduate-science thesis (the school does not provide degree information to the media).

Although Elliott told the WSJ that his life is an “open book,” he was initially unable to locate his diplomas. Later, he said he’d discovered his docteur en médecine, chirurgie et accouchement (doctor of medicine, surgery and childbirth), but he declined a reporter's request to inspect the diploma, saying "It's so long ago it doesn't matter.”

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