Jogglers Hit 5K to Set World Record

It's juggling while you jog!

There have been many world records for joggling. The Boulder Juggling Club hopes to set a new record category for most jogglers in a 5K. (Amy Tucker)
Photo: Amy Tucker

Nine members of the Boulder Juggling Club competed in Broomfield's Anthem 5K on Saturday, hoping to set a new world record for the most jogglers—or, joggers who juggle—in a 5K.

"At the moment, no one has attempted a record for this feat, so we basically got it as long as our evidence is approved," said Bekah Smith, a Club member and juggler of 11 years. She started joggling less that 12 months ago.

"Joggling is trending right now so I thought I'd use juggling to push my running," she said.

The last joggling record was set in September when Joe Salter joggled backwards for the entire Quad Cities Marathon. And in 2012, University of Florida student Matthew Feldman joggled one mile with five balls in six minutes and 33.65 seconds.

"Once you can juggle 3 balls consistently, there's no trick or secret to joggling," said Smith. "The throws with your arms will naturally line up with the movement of your legs to create a streamlined motion.  The challenging part is not dropping the balls when the sun is in your eyes or when another cute runner passes you."

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