Can Underwear Make You More Fit?

Microsoft creates mood-sensing technology in, yes, brassieres to help women eat more sensibly

Microsoft developing new ‘smart bra’ (not pictured) to alert you of mood changes. (Maridav/Thinkstock)

Microsoft is developing a smart bra to help women stop binge eating when stressed.

Yes, we’re serious.

The bra is fitted with sensors designed to detect changing moods, then it alerts the user via a mobile device, reports FOX News.

Recent studies that show up to half of the U.S. population, especially women, eats more when they are stressed, according to reports from Discovery News. Although Microsoft’s new bra can’t actually stop you from eating, it hopes that being alerted of your mood will make you more conscious of what you're eating. One participant from an early trial study said:

“I was eating without being aware of it, but by having to log both my eating habits and my emotions, I became aware of triggers for emotional eating, and also more aware of the health (or lack thereof) in my diet.” 

The bra is still far from production lines, battling issues such as battery life, and consumers not wanting to look like they are wearing an EKG all day.

However, don’t be surprised if products like these begin to appear in stores. "We conclude that building a wearable, physiological system (to combat overeating) is feasible,” a researcher explained.

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