He's Alive!

Video shows dramatic rescue of shipwreck survivor

Okene Harrison, the Jascon 4 shipwreck's sole survivor, when rescue divers first discovered him. The tugboat capsized on May 26, 2013 off the coast of Nigeria and video of the rescue was released on Monday. (Storyful/Youtube)
Photo: Storyful/Youtube

When divers approached a shipwreck 100 feet below the ocean surface, they normally expect to find bodies, but in May divers were shocked to find a survivor in a small pocket of air in the bathroom.

Okene Harrison, the ship's cook and only survivor, had been living in a four-foot bathroom with just a tiny pocket of air for two days before rescuers inadvertently found him in May. And video footage from the DNC Diving rescue team was uploaded to Youtube on Monday. The video shows divers uncovering a visibly shaken Harrison and transporting him back to the surface.

But how did Harrison survive for three days?

Given that the oxygen in air pocket Okene was trapped in was slowly being replaced with the carbon dioxide, Okene would have been unconscious in about 79 hours, according to an article posted by National Geographic. Luckily, Okene was rescued after 60 hours. After ten minutes of prepping Okene, they were able to get him to the surface. The video ends with the unidentified operator telling Harrison, "You're a survivor!"


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