Survival Skills Keep Six Alive in Nevada

Adults place heated rocks into spare tire to keep children warm

Rescue helicopters were searching the Nevada Mountains for the missing six.

A couple and four children were found yesterday after surviving two days in the bitter Nevada cold. What started as a Sunday excursion to let the kids play in some fresh snow, ended with the family stuck in a canyon next to their overturned Jeep, according to reports from CNN. Thanks to some innovative survival skills from the adults, all six people were rescued on Tuesday in good condition. 

Temperatures reportedly reached 21 degrees below zero on Monday night, which made the cold an immediate concern. The group’s Jeep apparently rolled on its side and slid down into a small crevice near Trinity Canyon. The adults were able to start a fire and began heating rocks, which they stuffed into a spare tire to keep the children (ages 3 to 10) warm, reports CNN. In addition, authorities attribute their survival to having basic supplies, telling others were they were going, and being prepared for the elements.

Nearly 200 people set out to search for the family early this week until a volunteer searcher spotted the Jeep on Tuesday. Chris Montes, a volunteer search member, explained the kids "did not seem too bothered. They were in good spirits. They just figured they were camping."

Cell phone forensics were ultimately what lead the rescuers to find the missing people. Early Tuesday morning, a forensics team identified a signal that lead the searchers in the right direction, according to CNN.  

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