Killer Python Escapes Capture

Slithered off after strangling a man

The killer python (not pictured) has yet to be captured. ( alex_griffiths/Flickr)

A killer snake is loose on the streets of Bali. After strangling a security guard Friday morning, the python slithered off into nearby bushes and has yet to be apprehended, USA Today reports.

The trouble started when the snake—a 15-foot-long python—was spotted crossing a road near the Bali Hyatt hotel. A security guard at a nearby restaurant decided to capture the snake, hoping to remove the creature which had repeatedly been seen near the hotel.

When the guard, 59-year-old Ambar Arianto Mulyo, captured the snake, he proceeded to secure it around his shoulders. But the python had other ideas and wrapped itself around the guard's neck and strangled him. Spectators were either unwilling or unable to rescue the man.

"It happened so fast," Agung Bawa, an assistant security manager at the hotel told the Associated Press. "We were sad because we could not do anything to help him."

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