Peacock Escapes Zoo, Freezes

Rescuers found it frozen to a tree

(Wikimedia Commons)
Photo: Wikimedia Commons peacock zoo escape chicago randall oaks froze freezes frozen tree stuck

An enterprising Chicago area peacock escaped from his enclosure at the Randall Oaks Barnyard Zoo on Tuesday, only to discover that it was not the best time of year for an exotic bird to go a 'wandering.  

Temperatures were about 12 degrees below zero when the peacock, known as Blue, escaped from his heated pen in Dundee. He was found a short time later, frozen to a nearby pine tree. Firefighters were able to reach the frozen bird with the help of a ladder and remove him from his icy perch.

Randall Oaks' park and division manager Brian Mangiaracina called the whole affair "a freakish accident." The peacock is now back at the zoo, where it is expected to make a full recovery.

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