$10 Million Bigfoot Bounty Offered

Bigfoot reality show premieres tonight

Bigfoot crossing. (Angie Chauvin / Shutterstock.com)
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Lloyd's of London, an insurance market located in London's primary financial district, is awarding $10 million—the largest cash prize in television history—to whoever proves Bigfoot's existence. And the camera will be rolling the whole time.

The new one-hour competitive reality show, "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty," premieres tonight on Spike TV. The show features nine teams of two, and each episode will follow different teams as they attempt to unearth evidence of Bigfoot's existence. In the competition are paranormal enthusiasts, survivalists, and a hunter who claims to have killed bigfoot and is preserving the meat in the freezer.

Each team's "evidence" will be evaluated by a panel of judges, including anthropologist Todd Disotell, of Daily Show fame, and actress Natalia Reagan.

Has Bigfoot been seen in your area? The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization provides the following sightings data:

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