Surfers Miss Out on Big Waves

Tournament postponed due to strong winds

Strong winds will keep surfers off of unusually large waves. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

This week, the biggest waves since 2004 will hit Hawaiian shores, but surfers won't be anywhere near them.

Forecasters predict 40-to-50-foot-high waves on Oahu's north shore tomorrow, which coincides with the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau big wave invitational. Organizers, however, have postponed the competition because they expect strong winds to interfere with the quality of the unusually large waves.

Organizers pledge to wait for "just one day of quality surf" with 40-foot waves before the end of the event, which covers a three-month window spanning December to February.

The invitational is not annual, having occurred eight times since its creation in 1984. Greg Long took home the top prize in December 2009, the last time the event was held. It honors Eddie Aikau, an Oahu lifeguard and big wave surfer who disappeared in 1978 while canoeing from Hawaii to Tahiti.

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