Bull Running Comes to the U.S.

Because Pamplona is too far for some

Runners try to stay ahead of the bulls during the Great Bull Run at Royal Purple Raceway, Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014, in Baytown, Texas. (AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Michael Paulsen)

"We don't want people to die, but it may someday happen."

That's what Rob Dickens said about the Great Bull Run, which took place at the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas, on Saturday. According to the Houston Chronicle, 3,500 participants attended the event.

Dickens and his associate, Brad Scudder, created the Great Bull Run after having difficulties attending the Pamplona version. Participants paid $70 to stand on a track for two minutes as bulls raced toward them.

The Baytown event followed stops in Virginia and Georgia. Between the three races, only four people were hospitalized for concussions and broken bones. To help with safety, organizers keep ambulances, paramedics, and doctors on site. 

Animal well-being is a concern as well. The Humane Society raised red flags about the safety of the 48 participating bulls and requested a USDA investigation.

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