Insane Alex Honnold Footage

Vomit-inducing free solo

(Camp4 Collective/YouTube)
Photo: Camp4 Collective/YouTube News Outside Online

On January 16, we covered Alex Honnold’s historic free solo of El Sendero Luminoso in Mexico. The unfazed Honnold ascended nearly 2,500 feet in just over three hours, adding to his already jaw-dropping resume. Yesterday, the North Face and Camp4 Collective released a short film about the project that will leave you short of breath.

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Honnold's route up El Sendero Luminoso. (Renan Ozturk / Camp 4 Collective Collection)

Thanks to Honnold’s close friend Cedar Wright, who shadowed the climber up the entire route, we're given a front-row seat to a groundbreaking big-wall achievement. The high-caliber edit, which we’ve come to expect from Camp4, transports viewers into the moment with the click of a mouse.

Honnold said shortly after the climb, “It felt pretty straightforward. Once I started up, I was like, this is awesome. I didn’t blow a single foot—like a ballerina.”

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