Gorilla Born Through C-Section

At San Diego Zoo

A baby gorilla (not shown) was born at the San Diego Zoo on Wednesday. (MarcoGovel/Getty Images)
Photo: MarcoGovel/Getty Images

When the San Diego Zoo’s gorilla Imani went into labor Thursday, she was surrounded by more medical personnel than most human mothers get.

A veterinary surgeon and human neonatal specialists from UCSD Medical Center helped San Diego Zoo staff deliver the 4.6-pound baby gorilla, but the labor still wasn’t easy. Imani kept struggling, and ultimately the infant was born through cesarean section—a rarity for captive gorillas.

For now, the baby gorilla will remain in the veterinary hospital due to complications from the difficult birth.

In more baby animal news, the Taronga Zoo in Australia recently welcomed its newest star—a baby kangaroo so young she doesn’t have a name yet. The first Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo born at the zoo in more than 20 years, she’s a success for the global breeding program working to save the endangered species.

Although the kangaroo was born in September, she’s only now peeking out of her mother’s pouch. And she’s pretty adorable.

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