SeaWorld Turns 50

Still dogged by controversy

Killer whale (Orcinus orca) opens mouth and waits for fish (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Despite public pressure to end its famous killer-whale shows, SeaWorld kicked off its 50th anniversary today with "Sea of Surprises," an 18-month campain that includes new attractions and experiences for each of the three marine parks in Orlando, San Diego, and San Antonio. 

SeaWorld has battled bad publicity since the release of the 2013 documentary Blackfish. The film took Outside's Killer in the Pool to the big screen, uncovering facts about the mistreatment of orcas in captivity.

You’d think that the backlash would have hurt the company’s profits, but the opposite happened. SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. announced earlier this year that it brought in a record-breaking $1.46 billion in 2013. Attendance was also at an all-time high, the company reported.  

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