Tiny House Dating

Find a little love

There's room for two in this tiny houseā€”if you're feeling cozy. (Tammy Strobel/Flickr)

Not everyone can live comfortably in a 200-square-foot space, but for people who can, finding a small-minded mate (pun intended) can be difficult. Enter Tiny House Dating, a new dating social network designed for people hoping to find love in small homes. 

Tiny House Dating owner Kai Rostcheck explains that the movement behind small modular-style homes that allow people to go off the grid has some serious legs. The videos of elfish abodes posted on his website have received more than 27 million views, and prefabricated cabins and homes for purchase, such as Escape and Kithaus, have been garnering online attention that some might even call viral. It was only a matter of time before a dating site jumped on the trend.

But Rostcheck explains that the website isn't about finding someone who wants to buy a certain size of home. Rather, Tiny House Dating is "for people who place higher value on freedom, flexibility, and even sustainability than on stuff." It acts as a filter for individuals who prioritize rightsizing—comparable to a dating site exclusively for nonsmokers. Rostcheck says that when it comes down to it, "there are many, many people wanting to change the way they've been living." It seems that the tiny house trend is here to stay.

We wonder: What happens when Tiny House daters have kids? 

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