Man Films Entire 135-Mile Run

Even megablisters didn't stop GoPro

Running 135 miles earns you bragging rights and blisters. (BuzzFeed/YouTube)
Photo: BuzzFeed/YouTube Running 135 miles earns you bragging rights and blisters.

Ultramarathoner Josh Spector captured his entire experience running the Brazil 135—yes, more than five times the distance of a marathon—with a GoPro. Then he shared the resultant video with the world via BuzzFeed.

Spector's seven years of training mentally prepared him for a tough course that follows a Brazilian pilgrimage route known appropriately as the "Path of Faith."

"These long races are much more challenging psychologically than physically," says Spector, who reaffirms to his GoPro that "it's gonna be okay" throughout his trek.

About 70 athletes navigated Brazil's dirt roads and city streets, often in the sole company of grazing livestock. The pilgrimage traditionally takes hikers 12 to 15 days, but Spector finished in 32:49:20. Runner Oraldo Romualdo currently holds the race record with a finishing time of 24:41:30.

In exchange for bragging rights, Spector earned war wounds inclusive of giant blisters that took five weeks to heal.

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