Gnat Named After Bill McKibben

Author is "truly honored"

Bill McKibben, Author, Environmentalist and Founder of the climate grassrootsmovement (Wikimedia Commons)

Being named after a flying insect doesn't exactly sound like a compliment. Wouldn't you rather see your name on a species of jungle cat or bird of prey? But ask green activist, author, and Outside contributor Bill McKibben, and he says he'll take it!

The buzz in the insect world is that Peter Kerr, a scientist with the California Department of Food and Agriculture's State Collection of Arthropods, recently discovered a species of gnat in California and named it after McKibben to honor the author's lifelong commitment to protecting the environment, reports. 

"I felt truly honored. I love this planet we got born onto, from the big down to the very small," McKibben told Grist. "To be officially connected with its great diversity—well, that means a lot."

Gnat's all, folks!

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