Rescue Chopper Spots SOS

Picks up stranded snorkelers

Chopper inbound with stranded snorkelers (left). (RACQ CQ)
OutsideOnline snorkelers stranded RACQ CQ helicopter chopper rescue rock Australia Queenstown

Three dits, three dahs, and three dits. Five snorkelers marooned off the coast of Queensland, Australia, were rescued yesterday after they spelled out this Global Maritime Distress signal—SOS—on a tidal sandbar.

Snorkelers were stranded on a rock for about nine hours before friends on the mainland expecting their return notified the Queensland Water Police. A RACQ-CQ Rescue helicopter spotted their crude lettering, according to Al Arabiya.

They claim their "anchor broke," but anchors don't (okay, very rarely) break. Either their boat was not anchored properly or the anchor line broke. And they knew the sandbar would go under at high tide, one of the boat's co-owners told the Courier-Mail.

 The snorkelers suffered sunburn.

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