Detroit Airport Unveils Dog Bathrooms

Designed for service animals

This dog may one day be able to enjoy the comforts of the outdoors at his local terminal. (Narith5/Flickr)
Photo: Narith5/Flickr OutsideOnline dog bathroom Detroit airport terminal fire hydrants grass comfort service animals canine

Detroit's Metropolitan Airport has taken a bold step forward in the quest to build a canine civilization by introducing customized dog bathrooms, a $75,000 addition complete with real grass, fire hydrants, and artificial rain showers to wash away liquid waste.

The McNamara Terminal facilities, a collaboration between the airport and Delta Airlines, were designed to help the owners of service dogs, who had previously been forced to take their canine assistants outside to do their business, a process which, according to one passenger, used to add take 30 minutes or more. "When you can't get outside, when you don't have enough time to go through TSA coming back through, it's a wonderful convenience for our dogs," said Deb Davis of Paws with a Cause.

Of course, this paradise still has its downsides. Owners must deal with any solid waste their dogs leave behind.

Still, the convenience…

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