Green Chili Sriracha Released

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Green serrano chilies, brown sugar, salt, garlic, and rice vinegar. Those are the ingredients in the newer, hotter Midori Green Sriracha, which just gave heat-seekers an alternative to Huy Fong's staple red Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce.

Considered the "true chili" by Outside editors, green serrano chilies are the main ingredient in Musashi Foods' new Sriracha. Targeted at the all-things-natural generation, Midori Green Sriracha contains fewer than one percent preservatives, while traditional Sriracha contains a few preservatives and sodium sulfite, a by-product of sulfur dioxide scrubbing. 

California residents suffering from Huy Fong's stench just put the California-based factory on the hot list again. No smells, however, have been reported from Musashi Foods' New York–based factory.

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