Rio Olympics Probably Doomed

IOC vice president concerned for 2016

Rio is far from ready for the 2016 Olympics. (Getty Images)

If we thought Sochi was a fail for the Olympic Games, we've got another thing coming in 2016. John Coates, vice president of the International Olympic Committee, called Rio's preparations for the 2016 games "the worst" he's seen yet, the Guardian reports.

At an Olympics forum in Sydney, Australia, Coates said construction hadn't begun in some venues in Rio de Janeiro and that infrastructure and water quality are behind schedule. To prevent what seems like an inevitable #RioFail, the IOC is swooping in. 

The IOC has formed a task force to speed things up, Coates said. Steps will include implementing extra monitors, project managers, and teams of experts.

"The IOC has adopted a more hands-on role. It is unprecedented for the IOC, but there is no plan B," Coates said. "We are going to Rio. We have become very concerned. They are not ready in many, many ways. We have to make it happen, and that is the IOC approach. You can't walk away from this."

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