Topless Woman Dances with 12,000 Bees

Not her first bee blouse

To dance with 12,000 bees. (Barcroft TV/YouTube)
Photo: Barcroft TV/YouTube OutsideOnline bee beekeeper Portland queen dance honeybees thousands blouse

Portland beekeeper Sara Mapelli doesn't wear the traditional beekeeper's uniform. Instead, she wears, well, nothing.

Or maybe more accurately, she wears a "bee blouse"—her naked torso and arms are covered in approximately 12,000 honeybees. Mapelli says the blouse, which she wears while dancing, allows her to "feel the hive mind surround me, hold me, and expand my body on a cellular level."

Remarkably, she was stung only once, on the lip, during her latest dance. She even brings the little buzzers to tea (seven minutes in).

"The bees push with their powerful wings from each side of my body," she writes on her website. "I resist and then I let go and flow and move with them."

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