Sober Up for Cinco de Mayo

Alcohol and salt are health risk

Maybe hold the salt this year. (Getty Images/iStockphoto/igorr1)
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The first study to look at the effects of reducing global risk factors for noncommunicable diseases—cardiovascular, chronic respiratory, cancer, and diabetes—was published in the Lancet this weekend.

The research determined that if we can reduce six risk factors (tobacco and alcohol use, salt intake, obesity, and high blood pressure and glucose levels) over the next 15 years, we could stall 37 million premature deaths around the world. The study aligns with the UN's 25x'25 initiative to reduce premature deaths from noncommunicable diseases by 25 percent between 2010 and 2025.

So what happens if we don't reach that goal? The world is at risk of seeing 38.8 million deaths from these diseases in 2025 (relative to 28.3 million in 2010).

On top of a global lime shortage, this proposed alcohol and salt cutback is more bad news for all of our friends celebrating Cinco de Mayo hoy.

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