Global Alcohol Consumption Study

USA really slacking

A hop cone waits its turn to be turned into beer.
A hop cone waits its turn to be turned into beer. outside online beer who ratings slovakia united states croatia russian federation liters drinking annually

The World Health Organization has released a report on the levels of alcohol consumption in its 194 member states with an eye on their effect on public health. Europe leads the way, sweeping the entire top 10, with Belarus in the number one spot at 17.5 liters per person per year. Globally, the average person is consuming 6.2 liters of alcohol per year. 

You might be surprised to learn, given the proliferation of Bud Light advertisements, that although the United States is above the global average, we clock in at a paltry 9.2 liters a year and are outstripped by the likes of Portugal, Hungary, and Canada (10.2). 

Even more surprising is that less than half of the world's population even drinks alcohol. Just 38.3 percent of people consume enough every year to register on the report, meaning the Coors Light bullet train is going to have to expand its service if it wants to reach the vast untapped markets of North Africa and the Middle East. 

Here are the top 10:

1. Belarus: 17.5 liters

2. Republic of Moldova: 16.8 liters

3. Lithuania: 15.4 liters

4. Russian Federation: 15.1 liters

5. Romania: 14.4 liters

6. Ukraine: 13.9 liters

7. Andorra: 13.8 liters

8. Hungary: 13.3 liters

9. Czech Republic and Slovakia: 13 liters

10. Portugal: 12.9 liters

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