Alec Baldwin Completes Transportation Hat Trick

Runs into trouble with authority in planes, cars, and bikes.

Actor Alec Baldwin, in happier times. (Barbara Bresnahan/Flickr)
Photo: Barbara Bresnahan/Flickr Actor Alec Baldwin, in happier times. arrest bicycling new york summons belligerent cops angry tweet cycling wrong way hat trick

Good things have never happened to Alec Baldwin in threes. The actor—for whom expletives come easily and civility famously does not—achieved the landmark status of having been accosted for bad behavior related to three forms of transportation: planes, cars, and now bikes

New Yorkers have never been known for strict adherence to traffic codes, but Baldwin made the ballsy move of riding his bicycle the wrong way down a busy New York City street Tuesday morning. On top of going against the grain, Baldwin was issued an additional summons (and handcuffs!) for handling the situation poorly; he allegedly refused to show ID and did nothing to break a chain of behavior.

"Police stated that he got belligerent and started arguing with them and using profanity," Deputy Chief Kim Y. Royster told CNN.

Baldwin confirmed his arrest on his Twitter account. For someone so vocal about his distaste for tabloid coverage of his private life, he made the interesting choice of also tweeting out the arresting officer's last name and badge number. 

The inadvertent start to the actor's hat trick occurred in 2011, when a ticked-off Baldwin was removed from an American Airlines flight for continued use of electronics while the plane was readying for takeoff. When a flight attendant asked him to stop playing the popular Words with Friends app, he reportedly acted in a "violent, abusive, and aggressive" manner and decided to exit the flight instead of the app.

Confrontations with a reporter and paparazzo in 2013 led Baldwin to put "car trouble" notches in his belt. After swearing out and demanding the arrest of the reporter in question, Baldwin hit a parked car with his Mercedes; no arrests were made. A few months previous, Baldwin took a shot at photographer Paul Adao, slamming him onto a parked car. Both men called police to the scene, but neither pressed charges.

Baldwin will appear in court for the bicycling incident July 24. We suggest he walk there.

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