WATCH: Supercell Storm Time-Lapse

Stormchasers capture surreal vortex-like cloud on film

A supercell develops. These rare storms are most common in the central part of the U.S. (petesphotography/Getty Images)
Photo: petesphotography/Getty Images

You don't need to be a weather nerd to appreciate a supercell storm, but it probably helps. Supercells are the rarest kind of storm and can produce high winds, large hail, and tornadoes. The most essential feature is the mesocyclone, which happens when veering winds meet the storm's updraft, producing a terrifying (and beautiful) twisting cloud.

And what a treat we're in for: On Sunday, a storm-chasing group called the Basehunters captured video footage of one of these grand phenomena in Wyoming.

Storm chasers with the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang also managed to witness the storm. They reported that horses in the area were running away from the storm as it formed, and they snapped photos of the growing cloud as it tossed hail at them.

Make no mistake—despite the enthusiastic volume of photos these storm chasers live-tweeted yesterday, supercells can be very dangerous. Fortunately, the parts of northeast Wyoming the mesocyclone traveled through are sparsely populated, and no damage or injuries have been reported.

See the time-lapse video of the supercell for yourself:

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