16,000 Bees Removed from Manhattan Tree

"Beekeeper commissioner" saves Upper West Side

Just one more thing New Yorkers have to deal with every day: Ungodly amounts of bees. (Umkehrer/Thinkstock)

Bees may be disappearing, but as usual, New York City appears to be the exception to the rule. Yesterday, residents of Manhattan's Upper West Side had to call in the NYPD's "beekeeper commissioner" to remove 16,000 bees from a neighborhood tree.

Residents called authorities after noticing the bees in a tree on West 72nd Street near Amsterdam Avenue, according to the New York Post. The police deployed its only bee response officer, Anthony Planakis, to take care of the situation.

Planakis, a 20-year veteran of the force who colorfully tweets from @tonybees, relocated the bees to the top of the Waldorf-Astoria. Nobody was stung.

Bee infestations aren't uncommon in New York. Just last week, Planakis removed 18,000 of the insects from a Brooklyn bus stop.

Bees are nothing compared to the insect fury recently unleashed upon a Portuguese town. Not to be outdone, mosquitoes in Vila Franca de Xira formed a tornado about 1,000 feet high, swarming through the area and putting Sharknado to shame. 

Now might be the time to invest in the bug spray industry.

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