Piano-Playing Otters at National Zoo

For Smithsonian's #ZooEnrichment

Good form, sir, good form. (Smithsonian's National Zoo/YouTube)
OutsideOnline Asian small-clawed otters lead compose classical Bach piano organ dark sublime middle C sharp flat high-C rework style melody keyboard Smithsonian National Zoo #ZooEnrichment hashtag zoo enrichment program

Many classical music aficionados deem Bach the supreme gothic composer on the pipe organ, but even he can't compete with the gaggle of keyboardists who are quickly gaining popularity at the National Zoo in Washington, DC.

Yesterday, as part of its #ZooEnrichment program, the Smithsonian institution released a video of its Asian small-clawed otters going to town on a keyboard just within reach of their cage.

"While they wouldn't encounter a keyboard in the wild, the activity engages their sight, touch, and hearing senses," the Smithsonian commented on YouTube.

At five seconds, one otter finds middle C, sets up with proper posture (both arms extended, head high), and maintains its version of a high-C melody with its right paw, sharping and flatting deeper notes with its left.

When is the album coming out?

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