Google Glass Gets Designer Makeover

Shades to be released June 23 go for the "hot nerd" look

Google Glass, which just made its 2014 debut, is already recruiting designers like Diane von Furstenberg and Ray-Ban to make you want to wear a computer on your face. (Giuseppe Costantino /Flickr)

Astro Teller, captain of Google's research lab, thinks technology needs a makeover. He's enlisted the help of designer queen Diane von Furstenberg to give Google Glass a more user-friendly and chic makeover. 

"Some people worry wearable connected technologies will become just the next step down the path of draining our attention and further widening the schism between our physical lives and digital lives—just another techno-distraction," Teller wrote in an opinion piece for CNN. "We agree. So, we're developing the Glass design to make it easier to bring people the technology they depend on without drawing them out of the moment."

According to Elle, the new collection features five frame colors, eight shades, and two frame styles. Prescription styles and sunglasses will be available June 23 through Glass and, a high-fashion online retailer. Although the von Furstenberg line is geared exclusively toward women, more gender-neutral designs from Ray-Ban and Oakley maker Luxottica will hit the market in 2015.

The new look differs only slightly from the original Glass design. There's still a computer in the corner on the curved frame of the wraparound shades, but by enlisting designers and popular fashion brands, Google Glass is taking steps toward Teller's goal of being less of a distraction and more of a necessity.

In his ideal world, "people wearing Glass would forget they're wearing it, just like you don't remember during the day that you are wearing regular eyeglasses," wrote Teller. But as this article from Forbes points out, popular brands won't solve Glass's concept issues. As long as Glass feels unfamiliar to the public, no amount of "coolness" injected by the fashion world will keep people from focusing on that computer screen in the corner.

For those interested in purchasing the new "DVF | Made for Glass" product, CNN Money reports that it will set you back a cool $1,620 for frames with shades and $1,750 for prescription versions.

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