New App Geotags Roadkill

Nail a deer? Get our your phone!

WVC Reporter's browser view of geo-tagged roadkill. (Olson et al./PLoS ONE)
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Thanks to a new app from WVC Reporter, you'll never have to be grossed out by roadkill again. 

The smartphone-based system for citizen scientists was referenced by a report in PLOS ONE this week and builds off EpiCollect's crowdsourced roadkill trackers, RoadkillGarneau and WildlifeBlitzGarneau.

In WVC Reporter, citizen scientists geotagged the dead animals and reduced location error by 99 percent (in its first year of use) compared to mobile Web applications like RoadkillGarneau, in which users reported the highway name and mile marker. WVC Reporter has aggregated 6,822 carcasses from its mobile users thus far, according to the report, and mapped the data entries on its site.

Look at the pretty pattern of wildlife-vehicle collisions now so you don't have to gawk at roadkill while you're driving. Citizen scientists note: Please use good judgment when stopping at roadside to take pictures and collect data.

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