Pressure Mounts in Armstrong Whistle-Blower Suit

Rider asked to testify this month

It's looking more and more like Lance Armstrong will be taking the stage to testify in two separate cases very soon. (Tom Raftery/Flickr)

The pressure is climbing on Lance Armstrong and four associates to testify in the federal whistle-blower case, initiated against Armstrong by former teammate Floyd Landis, according to a new story in USA Today. Armstrong is accused of committing fraud and violating anti-doping provisions in his contract while riding for the Postal Service team. The suit is asking for the $30 million in sponsorship money provided by USPS, while Armstrong would face triple damages under the law were he to lose the case in court.

Officials notified Armstrong and the others, including publicist Matt Higgins and former coach Chris Carmichael, that they must all be deposed in the case by the end of June. Armstrong is also scheduled to testify on June 12 in a separate suit—the case against him filed by SCA Promotions, which awarded Armstrong a cash bonus for his now-revoked Tour victories.

Armstrong's lawyers have pushed back against testifying this month in the whistler-blower suit, saying they are still awaiting discovery evidence that could impact testimony; they need the evidence to know how best to prepare. Lance has become more of a public figure recently, speaking to Outside about his past doping and other issues in the wake of his confession and losing his titles.

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