365 Nights Outside

Duluth Boy Scout raises $6,000

Rudy must have had a trying winter in Duluth, Minn. (NateNateRollerskate/Thinkstock)
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Minnesota winters are brutal, even if you have a warm house and a cozy bed to while away the cold nights. Which is why it's remarkable—or maybe just crazy—that a 17-year-old Boy Scout from the Duluth area voluntarily slept outside for 365 nights straight.

Perched most often seven feet up in a tree near his parents' house, Rudy Hummel survived 76 subzero nights and multiple snowstorms to raise about $6,000 for Western Lake Superior Habitat for Humanity and the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory. When not at home, Hummel would pitch a tent or crash on a hotel's deck. According to CBS Minnesota, he slept outside in 30 different places.

Hummel's mother reportedly checked on her son only once—on a night when temps reached 27 degrees below zero. "We had an agreement. If he started to shiver, he would come in," his mother told the Duluth News Tribune. "He never did."

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