Stonyfield Source Map

Yogurt company takes consumers from cow to cup

From the Redwood forest, to the Gulf stream waters, this yogurt was made for you and me. (Run DMT/Google)
Photo: Run DMT/Google

Increasingly, consumers don't just want to know what is in their food. They also want to know where it came from. 

Using an online interactive display, yogurt maker Stonyfield Organic has partnered with Sourcemap to help its customers answer that question.

The map, which has been in the works for almost a year, serves multiple purposes. It acts as a supply chain social network—mapping out the location of farms, ingredients, and food facts with just a click of a mouse. For example, if you click on the dairy cow hovering over Minnesota, you learn (among other things) that "15 Mountain Region organic farms … supply us with milk for our yogurt," and that healthy soil equals healthy grass equals healthy cows equals healthy milk.

"It's a tool that could help engage not just internal stakeholders in supply chain issues, but could really get consumers and retail customers involved," says Wood Turner, vice president of sustainability at Stonyfield in a Fast Company report.

The map isn't Stonyfield's only step toward simplicity. The company recently tested package-free frozen yogurt, called Frozen Yogurt Pearls. Instead of packaging, the "pearls" are enveloped in an edible, organic fruit skin. This eliminates the need for a spoon, cup, and wastebasket. The frozen yogurt was tested in four Boston-area Whole Foods markets, according to Packaging World.

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