GoPro Stocks Open at $24 a Share

Nick Woodman rings NASDAQ Opening Bell

GoPro founder Nick Woodman has 17.8 million reasons to have his hands in the air. (Wikimedia)
Photo: Wikimedia

Action-camera maker GoPro entered the world of public companies Thursday, selling 17.8 million shares at $24 each under the symbol GPRO.

Despite some doubts prior to the market opening, GoPro opened at the high end of its $21 to $24 price range—one of the largest consumer electronics IPOs ever (partly because there aren't many public hardware tech companies out there). And that price continues to rise—shares have already climbed to nearly $32 apiece, according to Forbes

The stock market opener wasn't GoPro Founder Nick Woodman's only marker for success. According to our October 2013 cover guy:

I decided long ago to try and kill the cool guy. And in a sense we did. But it wasn't obvious. There was a period where it was like, is this going to fly? Now cool guys are rocking GoPros on their helmets, and… it's cool.

Read the rest of our interview with Woodman here.

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