Miami's Plastic Bag Disgrace

How a Florida statute is keeping Miami's beaches polluted

Good thing there is no ban on banning beach bins. (Jay Gorman /Flickr)
Photo: Jay Gorman /Flickr

If America’s beaches are messy, then Miami’s beaches are a hot mess. Dave Doebler, a member of Miami Beach’s Sustainability Committee, told Al Jazeera America that just last week, 800 pounds of trash was picked up from the shoreline during beach cleanups.

But to counteract the ill environmental effects of plastic bags on South Beach, Miami government will have to ban the ban on banning plastic bags. Yes, it’s illegal in Florida to ban plastic bags.

Although local lawmakers are finding ways to agree on allowing actions against plastic bags, beach authorities are taking measures to enforce environmental regulations by placing recycling bins on the beaches and enforcing mandatory recycling programs.

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