This Gadget Will (Maybe) Help You Lose Weight

New device calculates calories in your meal

Knowing calories consumed, versus knowing calories burned, is an uncharted territory of fitness technology. (GE Global Research/Google CC)
Photo: GE Global Research/Google CC

Most calorie-counting devices require you to manually input the amount and type of food you consume. General Electric's "universal calorie counter" will change all that. 

Matt Webster, a senior scientist at GE in New York teamed up with researchers at Baylor University's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to begin testing a contraption that will calculate the precise number of calories of any food(s) placed in it. He envisions that the counter will eventually sync to wearable tech and apps so you can track your intake throughout the day.

Calories are computed through a formula using weight, fat content, and water content to estimate caloric density. With those three components, the device will gather data through electronics and sensors that spread microwaves over your plate to find the specific water and fat signatures for each factor of your feast.

Other nutritional components such as sugar, carbohydrates, and protein would not be factored in, but would still allow for accurate figures, says Webster. "You don't actually need to know the details," he said in a Gizmag report. "We just have to account for it. That's the secret sauce."

Well, if this calorie counter hits the market, count "secret sauce" out of our diet.


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