This Drone Will Make You Proud to Be American

Navigates fireworks, captures incredible video

Who would've guessed that this view would ever be blasé? (Scooter Lowrimore/Flickr)

The 2014 way to watch your Independence Day fireworks display? By drone, of course.

Joe Stiglingh rigged his DJI Phantom 2 drone with a GoPro Hero 3 Silver camera, then navigated the UAV into the sparks of the fireworks show in West Palm Beach, Florida. According to CNet, the drone came away unharmed—and with some footage that will make you proud to be American.

The result of this fiery flight is a four-minute video, set to music from Andrea Bocelli. The video has gone viral, drawing more than 6 million views on YouTube.

Robert Hartline, a Nashville entrepreneur, also sent a drone into the fireworks display of downtown Nashville with similar results (minus the opera). The videos have sparked controversy, with some calling the act dangerous and irresponsible.

"It should be obvious that flying a drone through a fireworks display is unsafe and illegal," Forbes contributor Gregory McNeal told the New York Daily News. "Unfortunately, stories like these demonstrate that what is clearly unsafe to most people is somehow lost on a few careless operators."

Whether filming fireworks with drones is irresponsible or not, this video proves that it definitely has impressive visual results.

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