Selfies Are Ruining Sports

Tour de France cyclists and soccer refs hate them

Dom Dwyer's yellow-card selfie thrilled fans, but not the referee. At the Tour de France, selfie-taking fans have received far less punishment—at least for now. (Sporting Kansas City/Twitter)
Photo: Sporting Kansas City/Twitter

There is a time and place for selfies, but just ahead of an oncoming peloton is not one of them. The volume of spectator selfies at this year's Tour de France has gotten so overwhelming that many cyclists have expressed their rage over the self-centered practice.

It's "a dangerous mix of vanity and stupidity," American podium contender Tejay van Garderen tweeted. "Very dodgy," Team Sky rider Geraint Thomas told the BBC, summarizing the new combination of cycling and selfies as "the latest pain in the arse." Getting in the right position for the perfect shot often puts riders and the selfie-taker in danger.

Hopefully officials crack down on intrusive TdF selfie offenders as hard as they do in soccer. When Sporting Kansas City's Dom Dwyer celebrated a goal Sunday with a sideline selfie, a referee punished him with a yellow card for "excessive celebration." At least there was no risk of a disastrous cycling crash, but you'll have to decide for yourself if the shot was worth it.

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