Not Your Average Bear Cam Video

Mom fights another bear after cubs tumble down falls

These brown bears at the Alaska Zoo are just play-fighting, but a mother bear protecting her cubs means business. (Doug Brown/Flickr)
Photo: Doug Brown/Flickr

Right now, you can watch a livestream of brown bears going about their daily business in Alaska's Katmai National Park, thanks to's nature webcams. Charles Annenberg Weingarten, the founder of Explore, told Mashable he hopes the streams will "give you refuge and help you slow down." Or allow you to see natural drama in all its glory. This morning, USA Today shared footage of a mama bear's rescue effort that would probably give David Attenborough an adrenaline rush. 

There's the moment of panic when two of the mom's cubs plunge down a waterfall and straight into a pool at the feet of another large bear. Tensions rise as the prowling bear approaches the babies, but mom swoops in with teeth bared. An admittedly brief battle ensues, but it's nearly as dramatic as the climactic scene in any animal-themed children's movie. And yes, mama bear emerges victorious and tends to her soggy cubs while the other bear retreats, chewing on a fish. Nature is really something.

This is the third year the cameras have made their appearance in Katmai, and the streams have a growing fan base because it really is that entertaining to watch brown bears do their thing. If you need additional proof, take a look at what it's capturing right now.

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