Your Next House Will Float

London plans to create a floating village

What do you do when overcrowding becomes a problem? Take to every cranny of land, air, and sea, of course. (Illumunatusds/Wikimedia Commons)
Photo: Illumunatusds/Wikimedia Commons

If you've ever wanted to live on the water, literally, keep an eye on London's Royal Docks, where 15 acres of water might soon feature 50 custom-built residences for Londoners wanting not a waterfront, but a watertop, dream home. The multipurpose event space will also include a lido (Brit-speak for swimming pool), ice rink, restaurant, cafes, shops, and office space, according to the Royal Docks website.

London mayor Boris Johnson has championed the project to fight London's overcrowding problems. "With demand for new homes in London soaring, we need to put every scrap of available land to the best possible use," said Richard Blakeway, the city's deputy mayor for housing, land, and property in a Fast Company report.

"London's Royal Docks, historically the throbbing arteries of UK trade and commerce, present a huge opportunity which I'm determined to capitalize on," Mayor Johnson said in an official statement. "My vision is to develop a world-class international business district, creating local jobs and growth and strengthening trade between east and west."

The Guardian reports that although there are other floating settlements around the globe, the Victoria Dock floating village would be Britain's first and Europe's largest. It's already making waves.

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