This Is How You Stop Looking at Your Phone

Moment app tracks tech time

Don't be so caught up in capturing the moment that you miss the moment. (EpicStockMedia/Thinkstock)

According to a recent Nielsen study, Americans spend an average of 270 hours per month staring at screens. When it comes to digital detox, the first step is awareness. That's where a new app called Moment comes in. 

Launched this summer, the app automatically tracks how much you use your phone each day. Moment also lets you set daily limits and nudges that will notify you when you near or surpass your self-allotted number of minutes. App creator Kevin Holesh says he wants people to find a balance of "connected and disconnected" that's right for them, according to the Washington Post.

Holesh used to spend 75 minutes per day on his iPhone. He's now down to 40 minutes per day, according to the Moment website. "Moment's goal isn't to get you to put down your phone and go live in the woods," writes Holesh. That might not be the goal, but it sounds like a pretty good idea to us. 

Moment is available in the iTunes store for $5.

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