Laird Hamilton Has the Best Week Ever

Shoots the pier, saves a man's life

Good job, Laird, for going viral and saving a man from drowning all in one week. (Wikimedia Commons)

It's no secret that we think Laird Hamilton is great. Really great. And the 50-year-old surfing legend is still at it, making the news twice in the span of two days as Hurricane Marie brings huge surf to Southern California's beaches.

First, he gave onlookers at Malibu Lagoon (also known as Surfrider Beach) quite a spectacle Tuesday when he decided to go out into the massive waves and "shoot the pier." That means he rode the wave through gaps in the posts beneath the Malibu Pier—and all on a stand-up paddleboard. Onlookers caught it on film, fortunately, as shooting the pier is not an easy trick (some have even died attempting to do it).

Hamilton just kept on going Wednesday morning, showing up at Malibu beach in time to help two other men save a distressed surfer. The man had lost his board in the strong surf and was swept toward some rocks, a witness told Los Angeles' ABC7 News. After swimming the man back to shore, Hamilton said, "Oh, he was happy, he was thankful. His eyes were big, and he was appreciative that he was back on the land."

Suffice it to say there's a lot going on at Southern California's beaches at the moment. Thousands continue to flock to the shore as category 5 Hurricane Marie, spinning in the Pacific, kicks up waves reaching 15 feet. The huge surf has been a recent highlight for some, but it looks like it's been one-upped by a surfing great who just won't quit.

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